Friday, April 18, 2008

JMB Meeting

The JMB meeting had held on 10th April, 2008 (Thursday), 10.00 a.m. at Arcade Complex of multi purpose hall. From the body, JMC had formed with 12 committee members of purchasers and 1 representative from the developer - Bandar Subang Sdn. Bhd. The JMC will submit an application to the CoB for the Registration within 28 days from the day of the meeting under the Name: Ridzuan Condo JMC for approval. At the present moment, JMC is waiting for the Audited Account Reports from the Management Company - Kanchil Jaya Sdn. Bhd. back to 7 years with the bank statements all supporting documents relating to the accounts, from 7 to 10 days from the day of this meeting, as promised by the Mr. Lau - Management Company - Kanchil Jaya sdn. Bhd., but we have not received so far this moment. Anyhow we are still waiting till the expired date.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ridzuan Condo. Circular

Circular to All owners/Purchase of Ridzuan Con. PJS10/11. Bdr. Sri Subang, PJ

Ridzuan Condominium - Rubbish

These rubbish was thrown by those students stay in our condominium. Whay do you think?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ridzuan Condo. JMB Meeting

To All Owners of Ridzuan Condo.

The above-quoted meeting will be held on 10/04/08 at Arcade Complex Basement - Multi- Purpose Hall @ 10.oo a.m. Don't forget to attend.

Thank you and see you on that day.

Soo Ka Loong
Protem Chairman of
Ridzuan Condo.
Tel: 019-8045363